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Education   Health   Agriculture
Our aim is to help to eliminate disparities in education particularly for poor, rural children and girls by:


  • Improving access to schools, colleges and vocational training.
  • Supporting teacher development.
  • Supporting community engagement and development.
  • Supporting employability through vocational skills development.
  One of our mottos is 'supporting communities to support themselves'.


The state of health in Sierra Leone is challenging, the country has one of the lowest levels of life expectancy and child mortality rates are among the highest in the world. The number one child killer is malaria.

Our aim is to support improvements by :

  • Improving access to primary healthcare.
  • Support training and development of health care workers.
  • Support healthcare community development initiatives.

We realise that assistance isn't just about what we do now; it's what we continue to do.

  'If hunger is a disease then agriculture is the solution'


Agriculture is the largest employment sector and most underdeveloped in Sierra Leone.

Research shows that there is a clear link between education, health and poverty. Developing capacity in agriculture will bring significant benefits.

Our aim is to support improvements in food security by:

  • Supporting the development of farm schools.
  • Establishing model farms to boost local employment and trade.



Ola Asgill reports some very encouraging news from his recent visit to Sierra Leone last month.


See his full report which is coming soon…





We are currently collecting equipment and medicines for the Songo health Centre. Please get in touch if you can help!