You can donate simply through a variety of means:


Paypal Standing Order Cheque
You can send us a donation via Paypal. Our account is You can set up a standing order to give us regular donations. You can also write us a cheque payable to The Sarian Foundation.


In order for the Sarian Foundation to deliver our services and plan ahead for vital projects, it's crucial that we are able to secure and sustain regular funding. We believe that every donation helps us to provide a foundation for children and adults living in extreme poverty in rural Sierra Leone and who use and are supported by the vital services we provide.


Sustainability is at the heart of our approach to helping rural communities in Sierra Leone. To grow communities, we are working in partnership with local businesses to generate local trade and build a secure foundation for sustainable commercial activity. Our aim is to help to build and ensure rural communities thrive and grow through 'self reliance'.


You can help us to develop and deliver these critical services to some of the poorest rural communities in the world.