Sustainable Programmes



Our focus is on access to education and healthcare in rural communities

Our approach is to 'support communities to support themselves'

This means ensuring that we listen, harness and develop skills & abilities to facilitate delivery rather than 'parachuting' in people to deliver.



We hope to help rural communities develop local services and skills. With our on-line shop, we intend to extend these businesses to generate sustainable funding for key services.


We will be auctioning off goods that we receive in order to boost funds for our projects. All revenue raised from the bids will then be used to provide support for one of our sustainable programmes.


Develop a bespoke travel service which will provide a personalised travel experience where travellers will be able to visit our projects and see our work in action.




Develop the 'empathy bridge', a bespoke end-to-end travel, fundraising and learning experience that will allow the traveller to fund-raise for Sarian and 'live the life' of a villager in their own home