Travel Shop



Sierra Leone is a country of outstanding natural beauty and we feel that everybody should have the opportunity to visit this wonderful landscape. It is to that effect that we have set up the Travel Shop.

The Travel Shop is a concept that will allow you to visit Sierra Leone and take in its surroundings in an organised and semi-guided manner. This bespoke service works in tandem with our UK and Sierra Leone branches to offer you a sight-seeing tour you will never forget. 

Our team will pick you up at Sierra Leone's airport as we offer an end-to-end service, ensuring that you have the comfort of support on your trip if you feel you need it. Whilst on your trip you can visit the many locations Sierra Leone has to offer.  You can visit our facilities if you desire, spending time at our farm. You can also visit one of the Chimpanzee Colonies in the area or just relax at one of the country's beaches. 

If this interests you, then please e-mail us on for further information.


We do offer another service for those who wish to experience what it would be like to live as a local in Sierra Leone, we call this the Empathy Bridge. You can find out more about this service by clicking HERE