Where We Work




Sierra Leone is situated along the west coast of Africa, and is one of the smallest countries on the continent. The country itself is divided into four different administrative regions (The Northern Province, Eastern Province, Southern Province and Western Area respectively). It has a tropical climate with such biomes as savannah and tropical rainforests and has an estimated population of 6,000,000.

Tha capital of Sierra Leone is Freetown, and it contains the third-largest natural harbour in the world. Freetown itself is located on the western point of the country, and the capital has a population of just under 1,000,000. There are four distinguishing areas of terrain in Sierra Leone, they are: Coastal Guinean Mangroves, wooded hill country, upland plateau and eastern mountains. 

The majority of the work that we carry out as the Sarian Foundation occurs in Songo. In order to help better aquaint you with where Songo is in comparison to other towns and cities in Sierra Leone, check out the distance-o-meter below. You can also view an enlarged version of the map on the right by clicking on it.


Songo ~~> Freetown 25 Miles      Songo ~~> Kenema 200 Miles     Songo ~~> Makeni 85 Miles     Songo ~~> Bo Town 150 Miles


To the left you can see an image of Freetown. There are a number of bays along the coastline which are a great tourist attraction, this is alongside the Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary that is located within the confines of the Capital.

Just south of Freetown is the Western Area National Park, this vast expanse of scenery contains some of the great majestic views to be found within Sierra Leone.

Songo is the last major town within the Western Area before you begin to enter the provinces of Sierra Leone, and it is Songo where we focus a lot of our efforts and attention.


Below is the actual location of Makolo Farm: